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Viña Misiones de Rengo

Considered in Chile as one of the most outstanding successes during last years in wine industry, Viña Misiones de Rengo captivated specialists, fans and wine consumers since his first public appearance, in July 2001, due to its attractive presentation and its excellent quality.

At international level the reception also has been excellent. One of its main export destinies is the United Kingdom, where exports have been increased significantly during last years. In addition, their wines are marketed in the United States, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Switzerland, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Costa Rica, France, Peru, among others important markets.

The excellence of its wines also has been awarded in outstanding international competitions. During 2004 Viña Misiones de Rengo has accumulated more than fifteen awards with their red and white wines, highlighting the remarkable performance of Reserva Cabernet/Syrah 2003, awarded with Gold Medal in the last version of London International Wine & Spirits Fair and with the maximum distinction al Concourse Mondiale of Bruxelles, one of the most important contests of the world.

Viña Misiones de Rengo is located in Rapel Valley, with a 8 million liters warehouse and a production capacity of 7 million bottles per year, producing varietal and reserve wines.

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