Mangalore Ganesh Beedies is the largest selling brand in India, accounting for around 30% of the beedies produced in the organised sector.The company emphasizes  QUALITY.Since its inception we have got wide appreciation from the beedi smokers for the unique aroma of  the 501 Ganesh Beedi.


A well organised system exists for the marketing and distribution of beedies to different parts of the Country. There are around 300 major distributors spread over the length and breadth of the Country. These distributors are supplied with beedies from the nearest branch of the Firm on advise from the Head Office on 15 to 20 days credit. The details of sales during the last 10 years is given below.



Mangalore Ganesh Beedi Works has a network of 30 branches spread over Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Out of the 30 branches, 20 are located at various places in Karnataka and the other 10 are scattered over Tamil Nadu.


So far beedi manufacturers are concerned the State of Karnataka in general and South Kanara District in particular has secured a pride place for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that, the Beedi Industry in South Kanara being in the organised sector the beedi rollers employed therein are not deprived of any of the fringe benefits and welfare measures announced from time to time. Secondly, on account of quality consciousness of the beedi manufacturers of the district our product has gained all India acceptability. It should speak volumes of the workmanship of the beedi rollers and the enterprise of the manufactures of our district when we say that raw materials for the beedies are procured all the way from Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Gujarat, Nippani and the beedies thus rolled, roasted and packed in the district, find their way to very same market from where the raw materials are procured. In the process of manufacture, the industry has contributed immensely to the economy of the district in as much as about 5 hundred thousand workers have found gainful employment.


The Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu occupies a unique position in the beedi manufacturing sector in the Country, having probably the largest concentration of workers involved in the activity in a district. The district also tops the list of districts that generate the highest volume of business in this field. Over the decades beedi rolling has grown as the single largest source of household employment in a district with a population of  five hundred thousand, about 99% of them are women, being involved in rolling beedies.



About Saiwai Boeki Shokai

Saiwai Boeki Shokai Pte Ltd, the exclusive regional distributor of Mangalore Ganesh Beedi in SouthEast Asia, takes a proactive role in sales of Mangalore Ganesh Beedies in the SouthEast Asia region. We are also proud to have the No 1. sales of Ganesh Beedies in Singapore.









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