Mangalore Ganesh Beedi Works was founded by late B. Raghurama Prabhu and late B. Madhava Shenoi. The Firm has prospered over the years reaching an opportunity to more than 1,50,000 people, mainly, in rural areas of South India. The main office of the firm is situated at Vinoba Road, Mysore and having branches at many places spread over the nation.


The beedi industry, basically a cottage industry is still in its flourishing stage accounting an annual growth rate of five to ten per cent. The contribution it makes to the economy as a whole is substantial, both in terms of revenue to the Government in the form of Excise Duty and also providing employment to the village folks to roll the beedies.


The beedi industry requires a tropical climate and availability of large labour force to roll the beedies. Karnataka in general and South Kanara in particular meet both these requirements and so the beedi industry here has made a steady and significant progress. In fact, it is the home town of many of the most popular beedies. But a striking feature of this development has been that neither of the two basic raw materials needed, the tendu leaves and tobacco are locally available. Tendu leaves have to be procured from Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, whereas tobacco from Gujarat and Maharashtra. However, this factor has not become an hindrance in the development of the industry since, a well organised system exists to procure the basic raw materials.


The work force in the beedi industry comprises those from the Agricultural sector. As is known, agricultural is neither a perennial assignment nor an all day job, being dependent on the vagaries of the manson and the climate. Moreover, the Labour force comprises of a large segment of women as also men who would have otherwise deviated to dissipation and vagrancy of resources, during the long periods of non-employment in agriculture work. The beedi industry thus provides beneficial diversion and employment of the agricultural labour force without affecting this primary task which is agriculture.


The beedies produced in Karnataka have found acceptance throughout India as also in the International Market, thus generating employment to around six hundred thousand beedi rollers mainly from the agricultural sectors in Karnatka.

The beedi rolling nowadays has become a collective work of all members of the family without age bar. From the adults to the old people all alike learn this art of rolling the beedi very easily which at times is the only livelihood.


The recent trend towards commercial crops in Karnataka has left the female folks unemployed who have found the alternative way of earning - rolling beedies. Most of them are in the age group of 20 to 40 years. The contractors of the trade mark owners procure the raw materials from the manufacturers, distribute them to workers in villages at specific times and collect the rolled beedies. At the Manufacturing level a series of quality control checks are performed in order to ensure that the beedies comply with the standards.

Beedi Industry, thus does not only provides supportive employment but in addition has promoted a work among a large labour force.


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