About Mangalore Ganesh Beedies


Established in 1940, the Mangalore Ganesh Beedi Works manufactures the 501 Mangalore Ganesh Beedi, the world's most popular brand of beedies.

501 Ganesh beedies are hand rolled in tendu leaf and then  dried in chambers warmed by a charcoal fire . The details of this process is a carefully guarded secret and has been perfected over three generations. 501 Ganesh beedies are 100% natural and absolutely no additives or chemicals are added during any stage of the manufacturing process. Completely hand made! Every thing from the rolling of the beedies to packing the cartons is done by hand.  As a result, we provide employment to 150,000 people. More information can be obtained from our FAQ page.


The distinct flavor and taste have led Ganesh Beedies to become the world?s most popular brand of beedies. With annual sales exceeding 20 billion beedies, our beedies  are very popular in the United States of America, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Carribbean (West Indies), Singapore, the Middle East, and Australia.



About Saiwai Boeki Shokai

Saiwai Boeki Shokai Pte Ltd, the exclusive regional distributor of Mangalore Ganesh Beedi in SouthEast Asia, takes a proactive role in sales of Mangalore Ganesh Beedies in the SouthEast Asia region. We are also proud to have the No 1. sales of Ganesh Beedies in Singapore.









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