k a i s h i n

About Kaishin Brand Products

Kaishin is one of the many house brands of Saiwai Boeki Shokai Pte Ltd, a private business company headquartered in the island republic of Singapore.

The Kaishin brand has since gained international renown for its range of high quality engine products.

Our range of Products include Multipurpose Engines, Diesel Generator Sets, Welding and Generator Sets, Diesel Water Pumps, Gasoline Clear Water Pumps, Diesel Displacement Pumps, Diesel Air Compressors, Electric Air Compressors, Gasoline Pressure Washer, Petrol Engines, Petrol Generators, Gasoline Engines, Petrol Pumps, Gasoline Pumps, Diesel Engines, Power Tillers & Others, Water Pumps. Find out more detailed information on the left column and please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.